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Doheny uses glass block and  Pittsburgh Corning glassblock from the Pittsburgh Corning Corporation to create glass block windows, partitions, and partition wall.  Being a glass block dealer, and handling glass block installation, aka glass block installer, Doheny can handle residential construction, home renovation materials, commercial building professionals, windows, doors, and window replacement using premiere series glass block.  We us  thinline series glass block, and glass block finishing units in our remodeling project for homeowners.  We can handle any structural issues and create systems with insulated glass block.

Pittsburgh Corning products include glass block patterns, vue, thinline, vistabrick, and grill brick cleaner.  We also use hedron corner block, endblock, kwik'n ez silicone system, tridron, thickset, endura, encurve, decora, stipple vistabrick, arque, mistique, cirrus, argus, essex aa, textra, spyra, Weck, Ningbo, Hy-Lite, Solaris, and acrylic block.  We can work with plastic glass block, alternative glass block as our building materials for both residential building materials, commercial building materials, and industrial building materials.  Glass block is also called glass bricks.  Some other manufacturers include: Weck, Weck Glass Block, Weck Glass Blocks, Glashaus, Glass House, and Bizik.


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